16 oktober 2013

De vierde kaart

Onze vierde kaart gaat naar Las Vegas! Hij is geschreven door Hasse en Jayda:

"Hello Sophie, we are Hasse and Jayda. Our group is called ‘the rough rowers'. Our school is the Jozefschool in Blokker, the Netherlands. We have read that you are looking for female pen pals. We are interested but we are children. We hope that’s not a problem. We love cats very much. They are on the card. We also have read that you have been to the Netherlands. Did you enjoy it? We just had an English test. Our class also has a website. We will appreciate it if you take a look: www.ruigeroeiers.blogspot.com  Greetings Hasse and Jayda (your pen pals). We hope that we often write together."

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