20 december 2013

Kaart 15

Deze kaart gaat naar China. Hij is geschreven door Gina en Eline en omdat in het profiel van Leeloo stond dat ze van Hello Kitty houdt, hebben zij een mooie tekening hiervan in de kaart gemaakt. Ik ben benieuwd of Leeloo hier een reactie op geeft!

"Hello Leeloo. We are the rough rowers. We are a class with 31 students. It is the most fun time of the year, because it is Christmas. That's why we send you this card. We are two students Gina and Eline. Hopefully you love Christmas too. We write this card to learn English and it helps. There is already a huge boost. We have music lesson and we find that very nice. A really nice Christmas and a happy new year. Greets from the rough rowers and a happy Postcrossing."

De kaart die Kiki en Jayda naar Oekraïne hebben verstuurd is aangekomen en... favoriet gemaakt! Dit is wat Kate voor ons schrijft:

"Hello class! Get your card, it's cool. Answer questions:
1. I do not like to go to school. In school I like to meet friends. In my class there are 31 people too. We are very noisy and many teachers are angry at us :)
2. My school is called 'Special municipal physico-mathematical school number 17'. It is difficult to learn.
3. I have never ridden a horse, but horses are cool.
4. My dog is 6 months old, she is still a puppy and loves to play with me. Now she is still awake, looking for something under the carpet. And today she dropped the baby tooth and now maybe the dogs tooth fairy comes :)
Congratulations holidays, it's Christmas very soon and probably you have already decorated the Christmas tree. In Ukraine Christmas comes on January 6th and we have not got Christmas decorations. let the holidays be merry and a lot of beautiful cards in your mailbox. Katya."

Heeft u thuis nog kaarten die wij mogen versturen? Vooral kaarten met mooie foto's en/of Hollandse plaatjes zijn erg populair. Bedankt alvast!

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