7 januari 2014


 We hebben in de Kerstvakantie een aantal nieuwe kaarten ontvangen:

From Spain:
"My name is Leire, I'm 19 and I'm from a little city in northern Spain called Logrono, where I'm studying geography and history at university. As you like postcards related to sports, I chose this card of Iker Casillas, a famous Spanish goalkeeper who plays in Real Madrid and Spanish national team. I hope you like it!"
From the US:
"Hello everyone! I chose this card for your class because it shows one of our most famous movie stars. I am a nurse who lives on an island along the Washington coastline. If you look at a map, look for the city of Seattle and then look to the left, there are about 55 islands. Mine is called Whidbey and it is the largest. Good luck in your studies!"

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